Mikey Glenister

On Friday 12th September, I will be playing my last ever show with Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. After 10 years, Sam Duckworth is calling this project a day.

And boy oh boy, what a ride it has been.

I first met Sam back in 2002. I was 17, playing trumpet in a Southend ska band called Cisco in the Aquarium. The Southend music scene was incredibly healthy back then, with bands like The Filaments, The Big and my band Cisco leading the charge for ska punk, and bands like Engerica, Resin and Smother putting Southend rock and hardcore on the map.


It was inevitable that mine and Sam’s paths would cross. Sam was a fresh faced 16 year old playing in a band called Silverskin (it’s hard to find Silverskin online, but in Sam’s own words: they ripped off Rival Schools. Lots). 
Even at this age, I knew there was more to this kid that met the eye. He had an infectious passion for hardcore/emo/rock that was hard to match. Here was someone that not only believed in his own band, but believed in the scene that they were contributing to. 

He would regularly put on shows at Southend Chinnerys under his ‘Emotion is Dead’ promotion. Unlike other promoters, who would put on shows just to make a quick buck, Sam’s nights always brought brilliant acts from across the country, then giving local talent a credible platform alongside these artists. The bands and the venue would always get paid, even if it was at a loss to him.

Thanks to Sam’s nights, I was introduced to fantastic acts like TANAOU, Boom In The Diamond Industry and Dave House


Silverskin eventually called it a day, and in 2004, I got a call out of the blue from Sam, saying he wanted some trumpet on a track for his ‘random acoustic project’. Happy to oblige, I went round to his bedroom studio set up and recorded brass for what would be the fifth track on his self titled debut EP.

He invited me to play a couple of shows too under his ‘Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly’ moniker. It certainly got people talking. Sam used all his networking contacts he’d gained from his Silverskin days to get his acoustic one man band set up onto hardcore shows around the country. It was fresh and exciting. At this stage, no one had done this. Let alone get away with it. 

The brass was going down very well at live shows, so Sam continued to get me on more tracks, and play more live shows. Sam had been offered a place at uni, but decided to give Get Cape a crack for at least a year (thanks to the support of Kevin from Big Scary Monsters, who picked up Sam early on, beating pretty much every label who would go on to show interest).

Sam went on to gig everywhere. Just him, his guitar, his laptop, his rucksack, and every now and then I would also tag along. We were always skint, but hell we were always happy. We met and toured with the most amazing people in those early days. Going around the country with the likes of SecondSmile, Frank Turner and TANAOU, we were all in the same boat. 

Sam was more than just a good friend though. Sam was only 19 years old, but he was the one who introduced me to Fairtrade products. Back in 2005, Fairtrade was not in the mainstream as much as it is today. Our riders would always be Fairtrade, our T-shirts would always be Fairtrade. At the time, it blew my mind that farmers were getting a bad cut of the produce they were providing, or that there was a scheme in place that could help them. 

Even at this young age, Sam was someone who fought for what he believed in. He’d try and influence and educate people around him. 


My band Cisco broke up in 2005, and I’d just graduated from The British Academy of New Music. I was at a crossroads in my life. I knew I had to do music for a living, but how I could do this seemed incredibly daunting. I didn’t know what else I could do. I just wasn’t wired for your usual 9-5. 

Regardless, I carried on playing with Sam. And the shows started getting bigger. The fan base started growing. This culminated in getting picked to be on the bill for Taste of Chaos at Brixton Academy, sharing the stage with Funeral For A Friend, The Used and Killswitch Engage. We played 3 songs bundled to the right side of the stage, but you still couldn’t take that away from us.

I was 20 years old, and I’d just played to 5,000 people at Brixton Academy. What a rush!

The momentum started to build, and major labels started to show legitimate interest in Sam’s creation. Until one day early in 2006, Sam called me to say he was signing with Atlantic Records, and wondered if I’d like to do this full time.

Get paid to make music for a living? Obviously I snapped his beak off!


What followed was 8 years of some of the most incredible experiences of my life to date. One by one I started ticking achievements off my bucket list at an alarming rate. Headlining The Astoria, Playing the Main Stage at Reading Festival and Glastonbury, Radio 1 Live Lounge, a silver disc on my wall, appearing in TV shows, supporting The Flaming Lips and Billy Bragg, it was mental.


The bigger platform meant that Sam could dedicate lots of time to organisations like Love Music Hate Racism, as well as doing countless work for Oxfam and other worthy charities. 

He helped integrate Fairtrade into everyday lifestyle trends, and was one of the unsung heroes in getting this into the mainstream. Soon people like Kate Nash were copying Sam’s Fairtrade merchandise ideology.

The whole thing was (and still is) inspiring to be part of.


Playing at the highest level also improved my skill as a professional session player at a fast rate too. To this day, I still get lots of session work. I’ve done session work for The Walkmen, Tubelord and I currently play with the mighty Youth Club. All these things would not have been possible had it not been for the incredible opportunity that my friend Sam presented to me 8 years ago. It’s also given me the opportunity to make money through back line tech work and tour merchandise vending. The networking contacts I’ve personally gained have been invaluable to being able to stay part of the music industry.

This is of course not the end for Sam Duckworth. Having headlined the Leftfield Tent at Glastonbury with Sam last year, his new solo stuff is a fantastic experience, and I will still be active with that whenever I can. But for Sam, it is time to end this chapter of this life. And for me, it really is the end of an era.


I’ve met the most fantastic people from around the UK on this journey, people who I will call best friends for life. I’ve seen the entire UK, lots of Europe, and had the most incredible adventures throughout these crazy 10 years. 


I am incredibly lucky and privileged to have lived such a crazy lifestyle with Sam and the rest of the band: Andy Theakstone, Gavin Fitzjohn, Jamie Allen, Tom Pinder, Jay Malhotra, Ben Watson, Toby Hayes, Pete Fraser, Chris Bradshaw and Tim Oliver. What a joy it has been to be able to play with such fantastic musicians day in and day out. I learnt so much from all of them. 

Also massive big ups to all the fantastic crew who have always supported us, most notably, Adam Mencykowski, James Clayton, Ed Warren, Dennis Brown, John ‘Twofold’ Hayler, Adam Carr, Dave Swallow and Alex Oakley. There are so many more on top of that too. The great labels we’ve worked with, the unbelievable bands and artists we’ve had the honour to work with. If I listed them all, I’d be typing for days and days.  


I can honestly say that being in Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly has single handedly defined who I am today. It brought me out of my shell, and gave me the confidence to believe in myself, my ability and my convictions. Personally I cannot thank Sam enough for being responsible for completely changing my life for the better.  

Sam Duckworth ladies and gentlemen. The best boss in the world. My best friend. Come and see us play for the very final time at Kentish Town Forum on 12th September. It really will be one the most emotional gigs I will ever be part of! Kleenex at the ready!

“I’ll be just fine, so here’s to moving forward”. 

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. 2004-2014. Keep singing out, keep singing loud! x


Mikky Ekko, The Cat Empire, That bloody book that I’m writing ‘So I’m On A Bus…’

So I’ve been incredibly busy, and as a result, I’ve been pretty slack with my blog. I’m going to hopefully rectify this, as actually write some blog worthy articles, rather than the usual “Hey guys, this is what I’m up to at the moment” posts.

But in the meantime, hey guys, this is what I’m up to at the moment!

This Sunday I’m playing some trumpet with the fantastic MIKKY EKKO (best known for his huge duet with RIHANNA). We will be supporting ONE REPUBLIC at THE ROUNDHOUSE, which will be my third time returning to the iconic venue.
The acoustics are insane in that space, especially for brass. It’s going to be a fun show.

Recently I’ve got in the backline technician game, with my main client being THE CAT EMPIRE. I joined them on their European leg of their massive 2013 world tour.
It was a pleasure working with such insane musicians. Australia’s finest. 
Their sets were different every single night, and it was an absolute joy to work and travel around Europe with them. My next showing with them should be their headline set at BOOMTOWN FESTIVAL in the summer. 

This video is from our Belgian stop. The whole set!

So my humour book SO I’M ON A BUS… is pretty much finished! The final stage is illustrations, which I’m collaborating with Leopold Bayker on. It’s all getting a bit exciting now. The home straight!
More on this as soon as I’m further down the pipeline. 

In the meantime, here’s a little teaser sketch of how I’m likely to look in the book…

Holy moly.

Kiites new video / Youth Club live shows

Hey hey hey!
Few developments.

My new band KIITES have a new music video! Look below! Go on!

This track Indian Skull can be downloaded for FREE right HERE.

Also like Kiites on FACEBOOK, follow us on TWITTER and on SOUNDCLOUD, and connect with us on MYSPACE. Ruddy marvelous.

I’ve also been playing some shows recently with the fantastic YOUTH CLUB. Fast becoming one of the biggest and best live acts in Southend. 

Click the picture above and click ‘like’ on the Soundcloud track that plays to give them a chance to play SHAKEDOWN FESTIVAL. 

Getting ready for one hell of a Glastonbury show…

I’m very excited to be playing my fifth ever GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL. Previous years I’ve played with GET CAPE. WEAR CAPE. FLY and the marvellous MY FIRST TOOTH.

This year I will be playing with Sam Duckworth again, but this show is going to be a bit special. A unique collaboration between some insanely talented artists in a one off special headline set in the Left field Tent on the Sunday at 9pm.

I don’t want to give too much away, but I thought I’d give you an insight into just some of the artists I’ll be joining on stage in two weekends time.

Tim Elsenburg is the man behind SWEET BILLY PILGRIM. Glorious experimental pop from the previously Mercury Award nominated songwriter. He has such a soulful voice, and his songs are laden with colourful rich instrumentation.

JEHST is quite frankly one of the best most underrated rappers the UK has every produced. Deep, dark and totally relevant. One of the best lyricists in the game.


ANNIE REW-SHAW is quite astonishing. She has a beautiful voice, and her songs are subtle but epic. Click the photo and check out ‘Shadows’. It’s one of my favourite songs I’ve heard this year.

RIZ MC aka Riz Ahmed is one of the most hard hitting lyricists of recent times. His music is innovative and experimental, but it’s when he’s stripped right back that his lyrics really knock you for six. He’s got a seriously cool website too, check it out HERE.

There will be other massive special guests too, so if you’re lucky enough to have a ticket for Glastonbury this year, I strongly urge you to check it out. It’s going to be awesome.


So I missed MONDAY FUNDAY. Lots and lots. Every week, getting to play the best damn alternative party jams all night long. It was epic. 
So I’ve decided to bring it back for a one off party. I’m taking over Friday for a FRIDAY FUNDAY.
Our faithful residentS DANNY BLANCO and FRANDISKO, both return. But I’ve also managed to get SAM DUCKWORTH along for the ride too, so it’s going to be a bit of a pre-party before Village Green Festival the next day. It’s by all means going to be an epic night.
It’s happening on Friday 12th July at The Sunrooms. FREE ENTRY before 11pm. Hope to see as many of you down for the return of Monday Friday Funday!

So I missed MONDAY FUNDAY. Lots and lots. Every week, getting to play the best damn alternative party jams all night long. It was epic. 

So I’ve decided to bring it back for a one off party. I’m taking over Friday for a FRIDAY FUNDAY.

Our faithful residentS DANNY BLANCO and FRANDISKO, both return. But I’ve also managed to get SAM DUCKWORTH along for the ride too, so it’s going to be a bit of a pre-party before Village Green Festival the next day. It’s by all means going to be an epic night.

It’s happening on Friday 12th July at The Sunrooms. FREE ENTRY before 11pm. Hope to see as many of you down for the return of Monday Friday Funday!


When STAGECOACH asked me earlier this year if I wanted to play on their latest album “Say Hi To The Band”, I jumped at the chance.

I first met these guys at the BSM 5 a side Football Tournament a few years ago. My first impressions were that they were just absolutely lovely human beings. The Big Scary Monsters and Alcopop! scene has always been full of wonderfully nice people.

Stagecoach also happen to make rad happy pop rock too. I was always curious as to when their next album would see the light of day. So when they said they needed some trumpet laid down, I was more than happy to say yes. It reminded me that most of my favourite sessions have been gained by networking through friends I’ve met over the years. 

I returned to LIGHTSHIP95 (where I previously recorded with Holy State) to record with Stagecoach, with RORY ATTWELL behind the desk. 

I’m proud of the track that I feature on, but the album itself is fantastic. A perfect summer album, with elements of Weezer and Pavement all thrown in for good measure. You should definitely pick yourself up a copy from HERE.


So I’ve been fairly quiet as of late on my blog. And not through laziness, but down to the fact that I’ve had to prioritize life over creative prospects. Money makes the world go round unfortunately, and getting made redundant from one of my jobs at the beginning of this year sent me on a bit of a financial spiral that was hard to recover from. 

Thankfully I’m back on my feet (just about) and I’m back getting involved doing the things I love to do: writing and making music. Lovely!


I’m pleased to be making music once again with one of my oldest friends Sam Duckworth. He’s got a new album called ‘Amazing Grace’ which you can pre-order from his Pledge site: www.pledgemusic.com/artists/samduckworth .

It’s a great scheme which cuts out all the middle men. For the first time Sam is releasing this with no labels; the money you pledge goes direct to the making of the album. And it’s a cracker. Trust me.

Amazing Grace is more than just an album though. It’s a bigger project altogether, one that we are taking to Glastonbury this year. I can’t say too much at this stage, but it’s exciting to be involved with this. Very exciting.


I also have a new band called KIITES. I’m back on drums with this. We’re recording at the weekend, so I shall have sounds for you soon. They are a lovely bunch though. That chap on the far right is my step brother. It’s always nice to be in a band with your family! Please like our page on FACEBOOK and follow us on TWITTER.

Those of you that do know me will know that I’ve been flirting with the idea of writing a book for a long time, specifically regarding my adventures on buses. I started writing Facebook statuses with general observations and humorous events that I’ve seen over the last year or so. I get lots of amazingly positive feedback from my friends all the time, to the point that I’ve affectionately been dubbed ‘The Bus Man’. Catchy right?

Well what started as a fun idea has now evolved into a genuine project. I have a small publishing deal for “SO I’M ON A BUS…" and I’m currently focussing most of my efforts on hopefully getting this out by Christmas. I’m collaborating with an illustrator as well as a few other people to get this finished. But it is a bit mental that I may be able to call myself an author by the end of the year, and it’s all down to all the positive comments I’ve received from all my friends. So I thank you for that.

I’ll keep this blog updated more frequently. Hell I might even use it for you know, blogging and stuff. What a crazy idea.

MY TOP 5 ALBUMS 2012. Cos you know, it’s fun to make lists innit.


There were a lot of great live electronic acts this year, but of all the releases this year, Breton’s Other People’s Problems was definitely the most innovative and forward thinking. A marvellous collection of quirky pop songs.

Best track: Edward The Confessor



The best album from Chino and co since White Pony easily. An astonishing comeback. There are few bands that could produce such an eclectic concoction of ideas. In the hands of others, this would sound vague and messy. Deftones instead invite you into their world. Truly memorising. 

Best track: Leathers



This is one of the most contemporary jazz albums you will ever hear. Simple grooves, layers and layers of haunting hung led by a pulsing double bass, eery vibrato-glazed saxophone all merge together to make one of the most beautiful modern masterpieces you’ll ever hear.

Best track: Ruins



In a year that saw house music become a dominant force, there were acts that crossed over electro-pop and 2-step seamlessly. TEED were one of these acts. The sheer originality of the substance and intricate grooves really made this stand out above all other dance acts this year. A near perfect collection of bonkers dance music.

Best track: Garden



Album of the year? Album of the decade for me. Taken psychedelia, a genre that most would associate as having died 45 years ago, and made it sound crucially relevant once again. An unbelievable album, incredible songwriting littered with urgent fuzzing guitars, drowning in blissful synths and electronics. 

Best track: Elephant


I finally have original G-Twin music!! The track is called Threats. Let me know what you think!

Feel free to like my G-Twin Facebook page and follow me on twitter at @MikeyGlenister :)

I’m in the studio throughout April. Working very hard on my first G-TWIN EP. I’ll concentrating on this a hell of a lot this year. More so than my session work this year (may still do some shows with Get Cape of course!).

So yes, watch this space, as I’m getting very excited about my new creation. x

I’m in the studio throughout April. Working very hard on my first G-TWIN EP. I’ll concentrating on this a hell of a lot this year. More so than my session work this year (may still do some shows with Get Cape of course!).

So yes, watch this space, as I’m getting very excited about my new creation. x